Periodontal disease is inflammation of the gums and tissues that support the teeth. If left
unaddressed, it can spread to the jawbone and cause permanent damage. Periodontal
disease has three stages ranging from mild to severe. Prompt treatment can help stop this
progress and save your gums from further damage. At Nista Family Dental, we specialize
in periodontics in Export, PA. Dr. Mark Nista will scrutinize your gums for any signs of
the disease before offering expert advice.

What is the Periodontal Disease Cause?

Your mouth has over 700 different types of bacteria, and they don't cause any damage to
your teeth. If you don't maintain proper oral hygiene, it disrupts this balance, and the
bacterial population grows considerably. These deposits eventually start to build-up on the
teeth, especially near the gums. The plaque attracts more dangerous bacteria, which leads
to severe inflammation or gingivitis.

How To Treat It?

It is possible to stop the spread of periodontitis completely. If you experience any
inflammation, contact an experienced Export emergency dentist immediately. Dr. Mark
Nista encourages patients to get treatment as soon as possible. It is possible to stop
gingivitis by:

  • Following a good oral hygiene routine, which includes brushing twice and flossing
    once daily.
  • Getting professional cleaning from your dentist once every six months helps
    removes stubborn plaque and tartar.
  • Antibiotic therapy to eliminate harmful bacteria from your mouth

A good dentist in Export, PA, will call you for follow-up appointments. We like to keep
track to ensure the inflammation doesn’t come back and that the patient is maintaining
proper dental hygiene.


Inflammation of the gums is one of the first signs of periodontal diseases. If you bleed
during brushing or notice some swelling in your gums, book an appointment with us
immediately. If gingivitis is left untreated, it will progress to periodontitis. The symptoms
are excessive, often unprompted bleeding, bad breath, gum recession, changes in the
position of the teeth, and even pain.

If you want to know more about our periodontal disease or need a dentist in Export, PA,
don’t hesitate to contact us at Nista Family Dental today at (724) 733-3762