Could Dental Implants change your life? 

Many patients feel intimidated by the thought of getting dental implants because the treatment involves embedding screws in the jawbone. While the procedure is relatively complex and has an extended recovery period, it also provides long-term benefits. At Nista Family Dental, we always encourage patients to consider dental implants if they have few missing or extensively damaged teeth.

Implants can have a significant impact on your quality of life and overall dental health. As an experienced dentist in Export, PA, Dr. Nista is familiar with the implant procedure and will explain the pros and cons of the process in detail. Here are some ways in which dental implants can benefit you:

  • Improve Your Smile: Missing or severely damaged teeth can affect your smile and appearance. Many patients are self-conscious about it and develop the habit of covering their mouth or smiling with closed lips. That can put a damper on their social and professional lives. Even people with dentures are often self-conscious about smiling or eating in public because they feel their dentures will appear out of place or move around. Dental implants can restore the beauty of your smile and give you the confidence needed to interact freely with others. There will be no need to cover your mouth or worry about your general appearance.
  • Dental Implants are Comfortable: Conventional dentures or bridges can be uncomfortable because they sometimes cause sores, irritation, and pain, especially while eating. These problems can affect a person’s quality of life. It’s not uncommon for patients to lose their appetite or develop stomach problems because they aren’t able to chew correctly and are in constant pain. Dental implants are the closest you can get to natural teeth and are just as comfortable. An experienced cosmetic dentist in Export, PA, will make sure the implants are positioned carefully and have healed completely. You won’t experience any pain or discomfort, especially if you maintain proper oral hygiene.
  • Face Shape and Appearance: Dentures might replace natural teeth, but they can’t support the jaw bone. If the roots supporting the bone aren’t healthy, it will begin to degenerate. This degeneration causes several oral health problems and alters your appearance considerably. Your face will sink-in and appear lean, which can make you look older than your age. Implants support the jaw bone and ensure it stays in shape. You won’t lose facial definition and will look young for many years to come.
  • Diet and Lifestyle: Dental implants are anchored well, so your teeth can support a regular diet and lifestyle. You can eat crunchy foods, tough meat, and other such food items without worrying about your implants and crowns. The titanium posts of the implant fuse with the jaw bone and don’t budge. Dr. Nista hasn’t seen a single case where a patient loses an implant because of their diet or lifestyle. As long as you maintain good oral hygiene and visit your cosmetic dentist in Export, PA, regularly, you won’t have to worry about damaging the implants.

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