Most dental problems don’t require immediate attention. You can book an appointment when you have time to visit the dentist without worrying about the problem getting worse. However, some issues require immediate attention. At Nista Family Dental, our expert emergency dentist in Export, PA, will give your dental problem immediate attention. Our dentist, Dr. Mark Nista, has the skill and qualifications needed to handle all kinds of dental emergencies.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Most patients don’t know when they need emergency assistance from their dentist. They delay the treatment until they get an appointment, which can cause problems down the line. Here are some injuries and issues that can constitute as dental emergencies:

  • Broken or Chipped Tooth – If your tooth is broken or chipped severely, you need to visit a dentist in Export, PA immediately. Broken and chipped teeth develop infection and decay quickly so the longer you delay, the worse the problem can get. Dr. Nista will carefully examine the extent of the damage, administer short-term treatment, and recommend long-term solutions during the consultation.
  • Tooth Luxation – Some injuries can dislodge the tooth from its place entirely. In these cases, you need to preserve the tooth and visit the dentist immediately. An exposed root can become infected and cause a considerable amount of pain. Dr. Nista might be able to place the tooth back in if there’s no significant damage to the gum tissue or root.
  • Tooth Pain – Pain is a sign of deep decay or infection. It happens when the decay has reached the pulp of your tooth and is agitating the nerves. Our dentist will prescribe painkillers, study the condition of the tooth, and recommend long-term treatment. We can help reduce inflammation, stall tooth decay with the help of a root canal, and reduce your discomfort.
  • Infection – Tooth and gum infection is a common ailment. It can cause a lot of pain and damage your teeth permanently.  It is essential to visit your dentist in Export, PA, as soon as you notice the signs of an infection. The dentist will determine the root cause of the infection and recommend effective treatments accordingly. Gum infections stem from plaque or tartar build-up. We will clean your teeth thoroughly and provide medication to reduce the inflammation.

These are just some dental problems that require an emergency dentist in Export, PA. Our clinic provides a comfortable atmosphere along with expert solutions so you can recover quickly.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Nista is a trained and experienced Emergency Dentist with a commitment to patient welfare. He will always offer straightforward and unbiased advice on all dental issues. Dr. Nista has a conservative approach to dentistry and won’t encourage you to undergo procedures you don’t need.

If you want a reliable, confident, and approachable dentist during your emergency, we’re the right choice. Our team will handle your injury promptly and make sure you’re on track to recovery.

If you want to know more about our emergency dental services, don’t hesitate to contact us at Nista Family Dental today.